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When entering your home, technicians are ready to use masks and gloves at your request.  However, in order to preserve these limited disposable products, we will not use them unless you want us to.  After we clean your dryer vent, we will wipe down the dryer any other surfaces we may have contacted using Clorox Wipes.  Additionally, team members are taking their temperatures every morning.  Per CDC guidelines, if any team members have a fever or any other flu like symptoms, they are staying home and will not be returning to work until 24 hours after their symptoms have dissipated.

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Dryer Vent Cleaning

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With the use of special equipment, 95% of dryer vents can be cleaned exclusively from the outside.  Most of our trucks have now been upfitted with this equipment.  If customers prefer, we can attempt to clean your dryer vent from the outside so that technicians do not need to enter your home.  In this scenario, someone inside the home will be asked to assist us by turning the dryer on and off as needed.  However, if we discover that we need to enter your home, we will ask you to allow us to do so.  Mention this service when calling if you are interested.


During this time, some team members are working less hours and customer demand for our service has increased.  We will do what we can to accommodate your needs.  If you are not in urgent need of service, we ask that you permit us a more flexible time frame to service your unit in order to allow our team to prioritize customers with more urgent needs.

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