Clothes taking too long to dry?

Lint Out offers a wide range of services to meet your dryer vent maintenance needs. We specialize in removing stubborn lint clogs, repairing damaged vent pipes, and restoring full air flow.  We can use brushes or high pressure air on each job to ensure the best possible clean.

In spite of the short 7 ft length of pipe seen below, the vent is rated at 37-ft due to having several turns. 

Video reports on dryer fires and lint

Clothes taking too long to dry?

dryer running hot?

we can help!

Your dryer is the highest energy consuming appliance in your home.  It is also responsible for over 15,000 devastating dryer fires in America every year.  Trust experienced dryer vent cleaners to inspect and service your dryer and dryer vents.

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If your vent exceeds the recommended length for normal models, consider purchasing a "long vent" dryer.

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​The common misunderstanding and disregard as to how fast

lint really accumulates over time from doing loads of laundry daily

could cause disaster for you and your home.

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Angie's List - Special Report  |  Sept 10, 2015

Exhaust Pipe Length Considerations

Technical Information from Whirlpool Corporation

HVAC (Class A) Contractor license CAC1822285
​Specialty Structure Contractor license SCC131152896

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Lint Out often sets up group sign-ups in many local neighborhoods.  Be sure to watch your mailbox for fliers letting you know when we are on our way to your neighborhood.  We hope to see you then.

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When is it time to clean my vent?  

Here are 2 things to look for.  (2:00)

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"A properly maintained dryer vent reduces annual energy costs AND risks of a devastating fire!"

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Is it worth it?    How much will it cost?​​

With a properly maintained dryer vent, the average family

spends $158 per year drying their clothes.  

An IMPROPERLY maintained dryer vent

can more than DOUBLE that cost!

Is My Family Safe?​​

"Everybody who owns a dryer needs to know the danger!"
                                                      -US Consumer Safety Products Commission

Annually, over 15,000 clothes dryer fires occur in the United States 

resulting in about a dozen deaths and 300 injuries.

Failure to clean” is the leading factor contributing to clothes dryer

fires in residential buildings.     -National Fire Data Center