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Need service today?    Ask about our Same Day service!

Need service today?    Ask about our Same Day service!

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Step 2

​When applicable, we use an inspection camera to scan for any areas of special concern.

Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct cleaning is more than just poking a vacuum hose in the wall in various places and then telling the customer the vents are clean.  One question to ask a potential service provider is, "Do you have an inspection camera?  Do you inspect the vents after cleaning them to ensure that they are clean?" All vent cleaning is not the same.  Scroll down to learn how we clean A/C duct vents.

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Florida Air Duct Design

Most ducts in Florida are lined with fiberglass insulation due to their primary use is for cooling and condensation could ruin interior walls and attics.  There are 2 basic kinds.  One is a circular duct with a thin layer of plastic that covers all the fiberglass (left).  The other is a rectangular duct with the fiberglass typically exposed (below).

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Step 1

​We connect a negative air machine at one of the duct access points.  Then we remove the grills and cover each opening with duct wrap.  We scrub circular ducts ducts a soft rotary brush.  For duct board lined vents, we use high pressure air whips (not shown).  Our 5000 cfm industrial machine pulls the debris into our 3-stage HEPA filtration vacuum system.  

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Lint Out often sets up group sign-ups in many local neighborhoods.  Be sure to watch your mailbox for fliers letting you know when we are on our way to your neighborhood.  We hope to see you then.

Can't wait for the next group sign-up?  Simply coordinate services with a few of your neighbors to qualify for group rate pricing.  When service calls are located close together, our travel times are significantly reduced.  This results in savings and we pass those savings onto you.  Call us today for more information about group rate pricing.

Step 5

​We replace furnace filter with new filter.  If you can provide the filter, then we will gladly change it out for you at no additional charge.   We also carry a basic supply of filters on the truck and will gladly install a new filter for a nominal fee.  

Some Considerations...

Some air duct cleaners don't want to talk about this ,but there are times when contaminants might not be able to be removed from the duct walls.  Some of these contaminants may include well established bacteria, dead animals (mouse found on right), or food based organic contamination.   In these cases, we can try to physically scrub the material off the duct.  Sometimes however, removal of the contamination is not possible (duct seen on left) and the contaminated section of duct may need to be replaced.

Step 3

​After inspection, we fog entire duct system with the only EPA registered dormant bacteriostatic antimicrobial inhibitor.  This is not a sanitizer.  It is a bacterioistatic dioxide, which means it not only attacks any bacteria remaining in the vents, it also lays dormant and inhibits future bacteria growth.  

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Step 6 - Additional Services:

Lint Out offers a wide range of services.  While we are onsite conducting the vent cleaning, we can also clean your dryer vent and or your bathroom exhaust vent and fan for a reduced price.  Be sure to ask for pricing when scheduling the service.

 The integrity in which your company operates with is why we continue to do business with vendors like yourself.  Thank you again.
-An email from Jon M.  [CAM]  |  Jun 2016

Step 4

​We scrub all vent covers using commercial grade antibacterial disinfectant.  ​